The Duck Sagas: It’s Egg Time

The ducks have started laying eggs again, so it must be spring! These are all Maddie’s. About a dozen so far. Mabel just began laying this morning, so I will soon be overrun. Two eggs a day doesn’t sound like much, but they add up quickly.

Their original pool finally sprung a leak, and even though they have a bigger pool they have shunned, it was time to find them a new pool.In the winter. When normal people are not looking for a kiddie pool. Luckily, Ace Hardware had pools out in their storage area and were willing to schlep out there for me. So I rewarded them and bought two.  They are a bit bigger than their original one, but still small enough they can jump in and out.

They HATE having their picture taken. It doesn’t matter what I point at them, camera or phone, they run away. I tried bribing them with lettuce, it worked for a moment. Then they dash off.  I moved the lettuce to where they ran and tried snapping them from stalker range.

And even this was too close for them and they ran off again. I gave up and left them to their snacking without paparazzi.

For those wondering, I have not been successful at convincing them peas are edible.

They are still a joy to have running around the yard. And the only pets who earn their keep in bug removal and providing eggs.


2 thoughts on “The Duck Sagas: It’s Egg Time

  1. What cutie pies! Your feathered kids are darling!

    The eggs do add up so quickly. With chicken eggs, my childhood summertimes equaled LOTS of honemade ice cream (esp. strawberry!) to use up the yolks, and angel food cake to use up the egg whites. I’ve never cooked with duck eggs, though. Do they have a different or stronger flavor than chicken eggs?


    • I always tell people they are like eating butter, they are so rich. And also sooo big (about twice the size of a chicken egg) The flavor isn’t all that different if you’re used to yard chickens. Mine go to the dogs – it’s great for their coat and they split one a day.

      I have a neighbor who is allergic to chicken eggs, but can eat duck eggs, so I’ll share a few with her, too.


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