Quick Chili Verde Gumbo

We’ve been buying a green enchilada sauce at the International Grocery that is just a very good all purpose gravy:It’s made with green chilies and green tomatoes plus all the other usual commercial food like ingredients.  It comes out of the can tasting good but I always add my own extras like garlic and onion powder and ground cumin.I browned a cut up chicken breast in a little soy sauce and olive oil and finished it in some of that sauce that has been simmering with a chopped onion.I peeled some raw shrimp and set those aside. I wanted to make a stock from the shells and some citrus.  Zest a lemon and an orange then slice them and simmer with the shells.When your rice is done and you are getting ready to serve, drop the shrimp* into the boiling stock few a few minutes and then scoop them out and stir them into the chicken and sauce mixture.  Serve over rice in a bowl.  I used basmati rice because the touring food guy ate a ton of it.  It is very different from the rice we usually fix – the grains are longer and it seems to fluff up better.

*I made the rice earlier in the day just to see how it would turn out with no recipe in mind yet or the shrimp stock would have been good to make the rice.  I used it to thin the gumbo and saved the rest.