This is an egg burrito, sorta.  Beat an egg well and then pour it into a skillet and swirl to coat the bottom and let it cook.  I used one like a tortilla to wrap some diced potatoes, cheese, and ham.I added chopped chives to the egg as it set for a little color. That’s a commercial tomato salsa on it.Sammich pr0n.  This is smoked pork warmed up with bbq sauce, all on a Kroger onion roll.  I like dill pickles for it.  Giardiniera would be great on it as well.I really do need to make some more sauerkraut, I’m not happy with the stuff I can get at the store.Ollie and Ginger Boy take an interest whenever Mrs J is making supper for the pups.  Ollie really likes the braunschweiger.  The dogs get a custom blend:  dry kibble with chicken rice, the liver sausage is to hide medicine.  Allergy pills, mostly.It’s bean salad time again!  I always feel so healthy eating it but I overcome that with the baked beans and potato salad.  We get a lot of miles out of a whole roasted chicken.  I bone the remaining carcass and separate the fat from the juices in the roasting pan.  Use the fat to make a roux, add the cooking juices and more broth to make a gravy, boil some rice or egg noodles and there’s another meal. I like to roast chicken thighs with potatoes layered in the bottom of the pan to cook in the fat and juices.  I season the thighs with garlic powder, salt, and pepper.Sloppy joes are good any time.  I may have kept the beans on the heat a tad too long but they are still good.  A might crusty in places.I have the makings for a nice slaw salted down in this big bowl.  I’ll let the cabbage and pepper rings sweat down for an hour before rinsing them off and adding my vinaigrette dressing.


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