They tell me that in locales where there are plenty of food trucks or carts gyros are an everyday thing, and every market sold lamb. I had myself set on making them for Saturday dinner, we were heading out to the farmer’s market to find some tomatoes and dill for it, with a stop at the bigger supermarket there by it for gyro meat.  Hey, there some lamb!  Alas, no ground lamb so I bought stewing cubes thinking they would grind just fine in a food processor,  And they probably would have it if hadn’t decided to just dice them a bit more, marinate, and saute.  They were.. chewy.
Luckily, the cucumber yogurt sauce is good on warm bread with just onions and tomatoes.  I made some fried mushrooms, they had an older box of sliced buttons at the store for half price so I grabbed it.  Dip in batter then roll in panko.  We thought of doing them when we heard that the local strip was reopening a gyro joint.  They always had great onion rings and mushrooms.
I may have to buy more lamb and go the sous vide route.

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