Bixby Update: Happy News

Bixby just a few days ago still unable to stand

What a difference a few days make.

When I got home this afternoon, Bixby greeted me at the door, standing and fairly stable. I gave him and Scout a scritch and then went to let Scout out the back door. I turned around and Bixby had followed me to the laundry room. I rearranged a few throw rugs, so he could get traction, tucked Scout away and then let Bixby outside.

This has been his goal for days. Every time he stands up and walks around on shaky legs, he’d head to one of the doors. Today was the first day he seemed steady enough to go outside.  He went out twice. The first time he had to explore the entire yard while I fretted. Then he came in and despite me trying to get him to rest in the living room, he had to explore his house before he’d lie back down.

Later he had to show off for one of his favorite people and I grabbed the video camera:

I finally convinced him to take a nap and he’s been out ever since. Still a long way to go with recovery, but we’ve turned a corner. And I am so grateful.


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