Bixby Update: Better Every Day

Bixby is getting stronger every day.  He hasn’t fallen in several days, except when Scout forgets herself and bowls into him. Can’t blame her though, she misses her playmate and he really wants to play with her, too. 

They have started playing tug and manage to do it without destabilizing the big guy.

Today he had his first rehab appointment. I really like this vet. She only does alternative care, so she won’t be our full-service vet, but she does chiropractic and acupuncture on horses, cats and dogs.  Bixby loved her and layed in her lap while she adjusted him.

He handled the needles well and kind of melted about five minutes in.  His body was so very tight (not unexpected after what he’s been through) she had to do this first before she could do any type of adjustment.

Once we got home, he has slept like a rock all day. I suspect the next few days he’ll be sore and we might see some backsliding.

Bonus Scout!  She’s been such a good girl during all of this. She got a walk today after Bixby and I got home, so she had some special time.

Our house is pretty much back to normal and we are all relaxing back into our routines. I even got a little bit of gardening done this week – planted a tomato and started revamping the butterfly garden. Felt good to work in the dirt.