One Pot Mac & Cheese

I was unaware that this was a thing until I was given a link to a Youtube video in comments on a Balloon Juice thread.  Thanks mrmoshpotato!
Basically you fry some bacon and set it aside, then bring 2 cups of milk to a simmer. Add 2 cups of pasta, bring back to a simmer until the liquid is mostly gone, then add shredded cheeses. I used gouda, parmesan, and cheddar in this one. I added a little broth to lo loosen mine up a tad. Stir in the bacon and serve.I cheated on the one pot thing a little, I decided to caramelize some onion while the elbows were cooking.  I added them with the bacon.  Recommended.
If you watched the video you will remember that the chef admonishes you to stay right there with it, stirring. Good advice!Just as an aside, I ordered some boxed, shelf stable milk.  I am always dumping milk that has turned before I could use it – we don’t drink it but I like to have it for recipes.  It’s not that expensive when you factor in the spoilage issue with regular dairy case milk.

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