Gadget Post – Nikon Coolpix P900

I ordered this thing after we saw the oriole the other day.  I keep a zoom lens on a DSLR that will reach 300mm and that is what I went to when the oriole showed up to sample our grape jelly offering.  This Coolpix will go to 2000mm – equivalent to an 83X monocular.This is the first photo out of it that was taken intentionally, never mind the floor and ceiling shots as I fumbled through the settings for downloading its pics via built in wifi.  I took this shot, hand held, through a double paned window.  It was zoomed to a mere 178mm.
So far I’ve only paired it with a smartphone and a tablet. You have to download an app from Nikon. There is a way to connect it to a PC via 3d party software but I haven’t set that up.
Today it has been sprinkling rain, I set it up on a tripod on the porch but had to bring it in.

2 thoughts on “Gadget Post – Nikon Coolpix P900

    • Ok, will do. I’ve taken a few at full zoom just to see if it was practical to expect much success hand held. Prob not although I haven’t done more than a handful with the lcd screen and none with the viewfinder. Very hard to track a moving dog without losing it although the autofocus did a fair job keeping focus at places where the dog was not.
      The electronic viewfinder is pretty decent, and it turns on automatically when your eye moves to it for a look.
      It’s rained for 2 days, off an on and the yard is squishy. I’m hoping to take some more when the weather is better.


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