What’s One More…

If you remember, Maddie and Mabel were abandoned in the wild and were close to not surviving when we rescued them.

It has happened again…

I’ve named it Pearl/Earl.  We won’t know if its a boy or girl until it has its full feathers. It’s a Pekin duck, about 7 weeks old. I am leaning toward female because of the quack, but that’s not as reliable as the tail feather.

It followed a very sweet woman to her car from a local park where it was clearly abandoned (let me add testily here: don’t get ducks, chicks or bunnies for Easter, people, if you aren’t going to keep them for life!!)

She really has fallen in love and wanted to keep it, but just isn’t a place to do so. We are equipped here and I told her she could visit anytime she wanted. If it turns out she can’t live without, I’ll help her get set up for life with ducks.

Clearly, hand raised, wants to sit in my lap, can’t be left alone.  Oh, boy, what a racket if left alone.

Bixby is beside himself. Scout not so much. Everyone loved bath time and got to check out Pearl/Earl while it bathed.  When ducks are stressed, baths are the quickest way to de-stress.

We would have gone outside to the pools, but it’s pouring rain and I wasn’t going to get soaked while I supervised.

Maddie and Mabel will not be able to integrate with Pearl/Earl until he/she is fully feathered. It will be a slow and supervised integration. Ducks can get testy about newcomers.

I’ll keep you updated on our progress.  Until then…