Little Quacker Update

Lilacs are starting to bloom heavily…just in time for a forecasted snow storm. I’ll be bringing in a bunch more bouquets of tulips and lilacs.

We survived our first night, once Pearl settled down. She cannot be left alone and makes a loud ruckus to make that clear. So she hangs out in the living room with us. And yes, I’m leaning toward female based on her non-stop quacking. Males are generally quieter. We will adjust if I’m proven incorrect.

This morning I brought her outside, figuring that while I took care of my chores I could watch her and see how Maddie and Mabel reacted. It was touch and go with them, Mabel was unhappy and chased her a couple of times. They did have some time at the pool together with everyone on opposite sides and they drank water and scoped each other out. I think we will make progress.

What I did not expect and what I think confused M&M was that little Pearl followed me everywhere. Mary may have had a little lamb with snowy fleece, but I have a little creamy white duckling following my every step. I filled water and food, cleaned out the coop and picked up dog droppings. She was at my ankle the entire time.

It was adorable, though a little troubling. She is clearly imprinted on people and I hope I can migrate that to Maddie and Mabel.  There will for sure be more updates.

Until then…

Anatidaephobia: The fear that somewhere in the world a duck is watching you.


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