Duck Detente

This photo quacks me up.  Like, “why am I in a box?” Pearl gets more and more feathers every day. Which means my house is now covered in the downy layer she is losing. Like someone broke open a down pillow.

It was freezing and snowing yesterday (yay, May) so we had to have some run around indoor time. The kitchen area is easiest to block off and clean. After it warmed up we got some outside pool time.

The pool seems to be the easiest way to introduce the ducks. They have a bit of detente when Pearl is in the pool.  Maddie and Mabel will come up to her, drink with her and check her out without the hissing and posturing I get when they are all in the yard.

Maddie was on the nest this morning, so I took Pearl out to see if it would be easier one duck at a time. Pearl spent her time in the pool and Mabel spent that time hanging out at the pool edge, doing a beak to beak moment. I am hopeful we can make this transition.

Friends are bringing up a puppy yard pen today and the weather is supposed to be warm enough this weekend that hopefully, Pearl can spend a great deal of time outside in the pen. This will let the ducks hang out together with a boundary.

When Bixby was absent from the yard for the two weeks he couldn’t walk, I was surprised how upset M&M were when he returned. It took them a couple of days to accept him in “their” yard again.

Ducks.  Cats with feathers.