Picnicking Birds

The Indigo Bunting is a new one to the stump feedlot.  I finally set up the new camera on a tripod and paired it with an android tablet,  I sat in the kitchen  and  took a series  of  photos  until  the  rain  came,  again.There is an app for smart devices and it’s fairly easy to pair the camera with the device.  The photo is of the live view out of the camera.  The functionality is limited, the only controls are zoom and the shutter button so there is no way to change the shutter speed, focus point, or aperture from the app.
It’s pretty easy to download photos to the connected device over the wifi connection between the camera and tablet in different resolutions. To get original quality you have to download one photo at a time, if you select more than one to download the app will only download in a lower res.

I downloaded the Windows app from DSLR Dashboard but it refused to hook up with the P900.

Bonus Bunting!

2 thoughts on “Picnicking Birds

  1. I’m liking the photos. I love a shallow depth of field. Do you think it’s light enough to take hiking? (I already take my Panasonic DSLR, so used to some weight).


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