Achiote Paste

I’ve found the secret ingredient for killer chili – this red paste made from annatto seeds.  I’ve bought the whole seeds, and the seeds ground up in lard, and little packets of powder but they don’t compare to this stuff.
If you clicked that link you will see that there are quite a few recipes out there, most of them vary the component parts a bit but they are all on the same track.  I’m not going to bother, I’ll just get some more of the stuff in the photo when I run short.I used a fair chunk of the stuff in this chili.  The chili was made from hamburger, chorizo, and a bit of Italian sausage that was left over from something and needed using.  All the usual powders and 2 big onions went into it, as well as a small can of tomato paste and a can of tomato bits with green chiles.  I roasted a poblano and 2 jalapenos and chopped those into it.  I tend to keep the chilis made here on the mild side so Mrs J will not get mad, I add ground peppers to mine at the table.  Not ideal but with enough cayenne it gets to a level that suits me.

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  1. Your mentioning the chilis mixed with lard took me back to my childhood. We have a family chili recipe my mom always made which calls for “chili brick.” The first time I made chili after moving to Illinois (1976) the folks at the grocery looked at me like I was crazy “what is this exotic thing you speak of?” Even now being back in San Diego it isn’t something easily found at the local Ralphs (our Kroger) (I think it is the lard which has made it not so popular) but will check out Amazon for this paste. Thanks for the tip.

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    • I knew there was a paste made with achiote because I saw them add it to various bubbling pots on the cooking shows I watch. I made a few trips to the International grocery store I frequent but found nothing like what they were adding. I have some annatto seed that I bought but haven’t done anything with it. I may crank the spice grinder for one of those recipes I linked to to see how it works out.

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