Picnicking Birds


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  1. That’s such a beautiful photo, as yours always are, JeffreyW. I showed it o Mr. Q and reminded him that you and the late great General Stuck always had amazing hummingbird pics. He asked if that’s a hummingbird since it’s hovering and I told him the head and beak look all wrong to me. I suspect it’s simply exquisite shot timing of the bird coming for a landing to snack. Would you be so kind as to identify it?

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    • Thanks for the kind words, Bella. The greatest part of all of these picnicking birds photos are taken by a camera that trips upon sensing motion. Any individual photo, like this one that captures that perfect moment, is purely luck. We look at, and quickly delete, hundreds of shots for every one that we save.
      The bird in the picture is almost surely a house finch – often mistaken for purple finches because of their similar colors. I base my ID on context, we get plenty of house finches but I’ve never had a purple finch show up in photos.

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      • I love house finches and understand that so many people confuse them; lots of people have heard of purple but not house finches and the coloring is similar (but I believe easily distinguishable). That was my guess but I promised to ask you! I can’t remember the last time I saw a purple finch but see plenty of house finches. I love your bird photos so much. Thanks for sharing them.

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