Duck Sagas: A Little Pearl Update

Pearl is fully feathered and I’m still thinking she’s a duck. But drakes can develop their drake feather (a little curled feather on their tail) anywhere from 12 weeks to 6 months. So we are still in the drake and see mode if she is a he.

Now that she has all her feathers, it’s become clear she has a wonky left-wing. It doesn’t sit right on her body. It doesn’t hurt her and it doesn’t slow her down and she may still grow out of it.

She, Mabel and Maddie are a flock now, but Pearl still sleeps indoors at night. It snowed here and is unseasonably cold. Pearl would have no issues sleeping warmly in the coop, but I don’t want her out there until I can have the windows open overnight to hear any ruckus if things suddenly go south.

For now, we get a little bonding time in the kitchen. She has developed a habit of biting at my hand or sleeve if she wants snuggles and I’m ignoring her.

Freakin’ adorable.


2 thoughts on “Duck Sagas: A Little Pearl Update

    • Thank you! We have had a solid week of unseasonably cold, wet weather, but it is supposed to be sunny and warm this weekend, so maybe I can get some video.


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