Mrs J is headed towards the freezer with a tray of frosted cupcakes.  We’ll let them freeze solid and then bag them for evening snacks while watching TV.Gabe and Homer take five on the lawn.  Homer will be the star of this post by dint of his appearances in several of the photos.I cut some dill for a freezer experiment.  This will be spread on a tray and frozen, like those cupcakes.  I expect it will be good in recipes although not much for a garnish.One of my tuna salad concoctions.  Tuna plays a small part, there are three kinds of cheese, onions, celery, red and green bell peppers, and mayo.  Maybe other stuff!  The bread is store bought sourdough with a very light toast.Homer and Ginger Boy relax on the walk between bouts of hissing and chasing.  Since the kitchen remodel moved a window that used to overlook this scene we have moved the hummingbird feeders around the corner where they are in view out of the window there.  There isn’t much hummer activity presently  but  it will  pick up.A typical summer lunch/dinner.  The slaw is made with one of the copycat KFC recipes that are easy to find online.