Lemon Cream Chicken

One thing I like about Google search is that by entering some of the ingredients you have on hand and appending ‘recipe’ as the last term in your search string, you usually you get pages of recipes to browse through – if you can get past the top result.  Image search is always fun as well.
I searched for lemon and chicken and this recipe was in the top spot.  I told them they could show me targeted results and they know me pretty well, now.  I’m a sucker for cream sauces.
I may have overcooked mine. It was not hurt other than the cream sauce is not as cream-saucy looking as in the photo on the recipe page.  I looked a few times at that recipe and didn’t see anything about how long the chicken should bake so I set a 30 minute timer to remind me to give it a look.  It ended up spending 40-ish minutes in the oven plus the 6-8 minutes browning atop the range.