Gabe’s New Adventure

Gabe got to go outside this morning. This was our second attempt. A few weeks ago I tried it and he headed to the gate, as if to leave, so I swooped him up and brought him back inside. 

Today, I grabbed a cup of coffee and joined the cats outside, ready to snag Gabe if he tried to leave again. Instead, he was content to hang out by the catnip and roll in the grass.

This is how I usually train the cats to be backyard kitties. I hang with them and discourage them from jumping the fence or finding an opening I didn’t realize we had.  It takes a few times, but they always seem to get the idea. If they want to hang out in the yard, they must stay in the yard.

I have also been known to send Bixby out after them to bring them back in. He’s very protective of his kitties. And I figure, better he scares them than the dog next door.

To be fair, the only way to leave the yard is to jump the fence and for Gabe, that may no longer be a possibility. We don’t body shame here, but he seems to have grown as round as he is long.

Bonus Penelope/Pearl.

I believe Penelope/Pearl is laying eggs. It’s been a process of elimination – Maddie and Mabel only lay one egg a day and I’ve been finding random soft or broken eggs in the yard after collecting my normal two eggs.

Way too young and the eggs are soft or broken upon production because of it. I wasn’t expecting them until end of summer, but researching it looks like because she’s getting a layer diet (because I have no way of feeding her separately) she’s laying early. 🦆🦆🐣

Always a learning experience…