Bixby Diaries: This Guy Turns Five

I’m a terrible pet person, I don’t remember birthdays or adoption days.  But this year, of course, different with Bixby.  We didn’t think he’d have a fifth birthday.  So grateful for this day.

And this little girl is sixteen. I remember hers because I adopted her on my birthday and she was eight weeks old…and I can count backward, LOL. I saw her little angry face at the shelter and knew she was a good fit for our household.

I tell her she’s the last of the divorce crew and we’ve been through a lot together. And she’s raised her share of Great Danes in her sixteen years. But I’ve made it clear I expect her to stick around till she’s twenty-one or more.

It’s been a good day.

2 thoughts on “Bixby Diaries: This Guy Turns Five

  1. I said the same thing to our little 17 year-old, Tweek. After a few messy, and premature, endings of her siblings, we insisted that she lives a healthy life until 21, or so, and then pass quietly in her sleep. She gladly agreed.

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