Belizean Stewed Chicken

This is another of those recipes found via an ingredient search.  I wanted to do something with chicken quarters and that achiote paste I made a while ago and this recipe for Belizean stewed chicken popped up.I gave this 45 minutes because I was starting out with frozen chicken.  It came out great.  I let it cool off naturally because I had plenty of time.  Plenty of time to make a batch of rice and beans.Not enough time to use dried beans, though.  I went with a can of black beans.  I used my last can of red beans in a batch of bean salad.
The dish was very good! Made too much rice. I watched a video on another rice recipe and I pretty much followed that one. I wanted to use a whole can of coconut milk so that I wouldn’t have to try to save a partial can.  So… too much rice.  LOL