Gadget Post – Electric Kettle

These kettles have been around for a long time but this one from the Amazon Basics line of offerings is my first one.
I’ve been using a glass kettle in the microwave to make tea. I noticed that there was some rust in spots inside the oven from the steam that condensed on the sides. I decided to try something different.
The electric one is smallish at 1 liter but it isn’t significantly smaller than the one I was using to steep tea bags.  The base of the kettle plugs into your outlet, the pot itself has the heating element and lifts easily off the base for cord free handling.
I timed the boil from hot tap water to the auto-shut off and it was about 2-1/2 to three minutes. I set another timer to tell me when to remove the bags.
It’s a no-frills piece. It’s meant to take water to a boil and then shut off and it does just that with no fuss.