Bixby and Scout: Good Puppies

Bixby had another PT appointment today. He’s down to once a month. The vet is really pleased with how much mobility and stability he has regained and retained.  He loves going there and loves Dr. Deb. 

She adjusts him, then needles him. The needles put him out. At least until another dog arrives then he’s up trying to see out the window, which is just a bit out of his sightline.

Once he’s done with the needles, she adjusts him again and then we head back home.

Home is where the trouble started today. Scout has been great by herself. But after I bring Bixby back, she and I usually go out for a short walk. Today, I knew I had a client coming over, so I gave her a treat and thought we’d be okay.

Nope. She haunted me, room to room, giving me the “I think you forgot something” look. I relented and took her around the block. That’s all she wanted.

Look at this good girl. She’s sitting for a photo, even though there is a squirrel just out of frame.

Such a happy girl. She has hit her teenage phase. She wants to be a good girl, but I watch her weigh her options – do what she’s supposed to, or be naughty because it looks like much more fun. Naughty does win out more often these days.

ETA: Looking at this photo, I realize she has once again lost her name tag. They aren’t cheap girl!

I tried to get photos of the ducks and they were not having it. Penelope has taken to SHOUTING these days and it would be funny if it wasn’t so annoying. I’m sure my neighbors are thrilled. She’s HUGE. I keep telling her she’s the Great Dane of ducks. She’s probably almost 10 lbs to  Mabel’s eight and Maddie’s six.  I will try and sneak up on them and get photos and maybe some video of PENELOPE YELLING AT ME.

Until then…


2 thoughts on “Bixby and Scout: Good Puppies

  1. All those NEEDLES !!! OMG…

    If they help the big dog, OK. Seriously, about the needles, I have a friend down in NC that I was in college with back in the ’80s who sees an acupuncturist who is also an MD Internist. Bob swears by those treatments.

    And the ducks are also real cute, too ! Thanks for the posts and the photos.

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    • Honestly, you don’t feel them when they go in. I haven’t had much luck with acupuncture myself, beyond deep relaxation, which is enough sometimes. LOL Sure put Bixby out – and it does make it easier for her to adjust him after.


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