Can You Make Pizza Dough With Milk?

Yes you can – sorta, for certain definitions of “dough”.  Nowhere in the recipe does it say how big the pizza will end up but it seemed to me that one cup of flour would not take it very far.  I doubled the recipe except for the eggs – the comments on the recipe site mentioned using only one per cup of flour.  My soupy dough mixture readily covered the bottom of this fourteen inch pan. I popped it into the oven for ten minutes because the commenters thought that best.  It led me astray.I should have added just the meat and veggie toppings after that and then continued to bake for another ten or fifteen minutes before saucing it and adding the mozzarella. That would have done the crust a favor.  Instead, I sauced it and added the other toppings after the ten  minute  pre-bake.The crust was just a tad soggy in the middle.  I will let this be a lesson:  Read the directions more closely.  It could have been a contender!  This approach is similar to taking a baked flatbread loaf and making a pizza out of it.  I have some onion naan that I’ve done that with and it’s perfectly acceptable for a quick dinner.