Cheesy Broccoli Soup

Cheesy broccoli soup is pretty simple plus it’s fast, it doesn’t need a long simmer.  Lots of recipes of varying complexities out there but this one is a butter/flour roux with stock and milk.  Stir in cheese to taste.  Add pre-steamed veggies and you are ready to go.  Pre steaming works for me but you can nuke them, roast them on a tray, or however you wish.I did get a chance to use my replacement skillet.  It did a good job on the grilled cheese but that’s a pretty low bar.  It did clean up with just a swish of a sponge in hot water.  I like the cushioned handle, it comes off if you need to go to the oven with something.  I’ll probably use a cast iron pan for that.
I’ve been using Calphalon non stick pans but they are getting too spendy for a pan that isn’t heirloom quality. The coatings are getting better but none of them last forever.

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