Mmm… Peach Pie

Mrs J is the pie chef.  We bought some peaches at the farmer’s market and she did her best pie ever!

3 thoughts on “Mmm… Peach Pie

  1. Love. Peach. Pie. My fave, next to cherry. This looks absolutely wonderful and delicious!

    I wanted to take this opportunity, since I’m posting anyway, to say many thanks to you and TaMara for this site — the food pron, the wild and domestic critters, recipes, etc. I’m usually a daily Balloon Juice/LGM lurker but sometimes (like right now! gd it, I don’t want to talk about Al Franken again!!) the politics gets to be waaaaaaayy too heavy and depressing and I desperately need a break. I’m now a daily visitor here as well.

    So thank you and keep ’em coming!

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    • Thank you for the kind comment. Sometimes I think I may just be talking to myself in an empty room. I hope you aren’t counting on me for recipes! LOL I do try to leave a link to someone who has a good one if the thing is new to me but Google knows where recipes can be found. We can’t compete with the pros that do that sort of thing and can pay for search rankings.


      • Ha, you might not compete with the pros, but I think you’re doing amazingly well! I think your food styling in particular has really come along nicely – the food has always been appetizing, of course, but now it’s also just very appealing in a magazine-photo way. Most importantly, it’s inspiring. It reminds me of John Cole’s remark in a recent post about making jam, etc., how he doesn’t think he’s really doing anything fancy, he’s just doing it without fear – “it’s just jam.” I was never taught to cook so I’m trying to teach myself and there’s always a huge fear that if I’m not Julia Child at the first go then I’m a failure. So I use you and TaMara and Cole to get over it and JUST DO IT. I guess inspiration and aspiration in one fell swoop.

        I hope other BJ folks come over here and take a look every now and then, but I’m here every day, so you’re not entirely without an audience! 😀

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