Day Four: Ducks On Strike

three ducks gathers at door

So the ducks LOVE dog food. I’m assuming whoever raised and abandoned Mabel (l) and Maddie (c) fed it to them. I’ve had little luck moving them to duck crumbles. I finally resorted to very expensive duck seed specifically for layers, so it’s not processed into a pellet. They will eat that, but not until after their dog food is gone.

After discovering Bixby is sensitive to chicken (of all things), I had to change the pups food to a different type and brand. Over the summer, the duck eggshells have become thinner and thinner, and the only change I could think of was the dog food. So I’ve stopped giving it to them.  Monday.

They are now only getting their good duck seed. Expensive. Full of a variety of seeds and nutrition.

What you see above is the result. They stand outside the patio door and bitch at me because I have not provided them with the proper nutrition for the day. In protest, I have not gotten an egg from either of them since Monday.

Penelope has not been as picky, but in solidarity, she has joined the picket line.


3 thoughts on “Day Four: Ducks On Strike

  1. I saw this over at Balloon Juice and passed along to some friends who thought it was absolutely hysterical. We all have cats, which are demanding in a different way, but identified with the food-related fussiness. Then I had a dream about the ducks last night—I only had shelled sunflower seeds for them but the seeds were salted and I was afraid the salt would harm the ducks. Anyway, thanks for the wonderful recipes and bonus bird, dog, duck, and cat pics!

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    • Aaaww! Thanks for sharing the story with your friends. They do make me laugh every day. Right now, Mabel is battling bumblefoot – a cute name for a serious condition. But she’s responding well, so I think it will all be okay.

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