Cookbook News: Summer Into Fall Edition Available Now!

Order What’s 4 Dinner Solutions: Summer into Fall here!

What’s 4 Dinner Solutions actually started years before the blog, as a menu service for busy families. When it was time to move on from that, I started the blog to continue sharing recipes. But what that means is, I have in my arsenal, fifty-two weeks of menus, recipes and shopping lists.

A few years ago, a friend convinced me to turn it into a cookbook. I quickly realized it would be unmanageable as one cookbook, so I’ve created four: Summer into Fall, Fall into Winter, Winter into Spring and Spring into Summer.Recipes and menus are seasonal, to take advantage of what is local and fresh when available.

Not ordinary cookbooks. These are more a weekday dinner menu guide, including menus, recipes, shopping lists, and helpful tips.  Most menus are thirty minutes or less.  Each menu is filled with fresh ingredients that complement each other.

What’s 4 Dinner Solutions: Summer into Fall is available now! Order here.

Over the coming months, I’ll post a recipe and menu from the cookbook each week.

Until then….


5 thoughts on “Cookbook News: Summer Into Fall Edition Available Now!

    • Hi Nancy, Thanks for asking this, because I wanted to explain to folks (was going to do it in the next post, but now I can do it here!)

      I won’t be able to, because it is cost-prohibitive to have it printed with the color photos. Also, I wanted it to be searchable – that was the feature most people wanted when I polled them about formats.

      BUT the good news is, you don’t need a kindle – you just need your phone or computer and the free Kindle app. Runs great on it. I actually have an old paperwhite kindle, but mostly always read on my phone because it’s always with me so I don’t have to carry something extra in my bag.


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