Pork Noodle Soup

I had to mow the yard yesterday while the mowing was possible.  We’ve had some much needed rain that came in just when the yard was due so it went several days past that.  It takes me at least 4 hours to do so I wanted to grab a sammich for lunch and get something organized for dinner that would be ready when the mowing was done.The pulled pork was fully cooked already but I wanted to brown it for the soup.  I scraped the veggie bin for anything green and found some Brussels sprouts, and snow peas that didn’t make it to that stir fry I bought them for.I put a touch of brown on those and a big sweet onion and dumped the lot into a nice chicken stock that was fortified with garlic and ham bouillons.  I opened another packet of those lo mein noodles that were fully thawed and added those along with various powders and oils.  I used Chinese five spice and a few tablespoons of sesame oil to give the soup a bit of an Asian flavor.Here it is, mowing done.  It simmered all the while and the veggies have lost their color and are limp and soggy.  Still tastes good but it isn’t as pleasing as it could have been but that was the trade-off I made.