Here’s some of that beef we bought the other day.  One of the selling points was that it was all vacuum sealed (except the ground meat came in 1 lb tubes).Naturally my thought went right to sous vide.  I called the seller to ask if the sealing bags were going to be OK  for that and she said go for it.  I dropped in a bag of skirt steak and it did fine.I sliced the steak thin and sauteed it with seasonings for a taco.  I cut it with the grain instead of across and ruined it for eating in a taco because it was just too tough.  The corn was good – mayo plus queso fresco and red peppers.I made another batch of sweet habanero sauce identical to the last but I was braver about the habs and added 6 vs the 4 last time.Sauce in excess of immediate requirement freezes nicely in a silicone tray.The last of the pork noodles.  The garnish is from a bag of fried onions that were sold in a bag from Pakistan.  I thought they might be stale but they were fine and tasty.  I keep them in the freezer but I read somewhere they do not need to be refrigerated.We made another run at the skirt steak tacos and had much better luck.  I cut even thinner slices, properly across the grain this time.  These slices were warmed with onions and peppers and layered with refried beans and cheeses with a dab of guacamole and a splash of taqueria sauce.