Pork Belly

This was pretty good.  I baked a pork belly at 350 for an hour and then cranked the heat to 475 and kept an eye on it.  It spent about 25 more minutes in there.There are tons of recipes for this out there.  I browsed several to get an idea of methods that work and this is the result.  It wasn’t as crispy as I’d hoped for but that was my own damn fault  I had treated the skin side with baking soda and salt and left it in the fridge for 2 days then brought it in and rinsed the soda off.  I went with a pat dry and shoved it right into the oven without waiting for another air drying spell.  Dumbass.Anyway, I saw a recipe with pretty pictures so I made the sauce they used for their recipe and used it for my dish.  I subbed in my chili oil for the chili flake they used and reduced it in a pan before adding my pork belly to it.  I cut the belly into rough squares.