I bought 50 lbs of very lean hamburger as a part of that 1/4 beef and found that it was too lean to make a good burger.  I went ahead a grabbed some 70/30 ground beef at the store to mix with it.  I got started combing the two sorts of ground meat, 1 lb of each, and thought as long as I was into all the mixing I might as well do meatballs.
This mix has onion, chopped peppers, lots of garlic, panko, eggs, milk, Parmesan, and various dried herbs and spices.I browned the meatballs in the oven and then simmered them in a couple of quarts of my stewed tomatoes, adding tomato paste and a little more water, plus more garlic.  Can’t have too much garlic.  Well, there was that one time at the apprentice school picnic where one of the instructors poured in a whole thing of garlic salt thinking it was garlic powder.  Maybe he was drunk and not thinking.  I guess that was too much salt and the garlic is blameless, now that I think about it.