This was the start of a red beans and rice effort.  It came off fairly well despite my realizing, at about this point, that I didn’t have any soaked red beans.  We managed.I made some taco/enchilada filling with ground beef, onions, peppers, pickled cactus, green enchilada sauce, and some guacamole that was starting to turn brown.  So far, so good, but I had the idea to make it into a lasagna style thing.  Where I went wrong was using flour tortillas instead of corn.  Bad mistake.Still edible but it could have been so much better.  Layering was:  sauce, tortilla, meat mixture, cheddar cheese, and then repeat twice.  Could have been a contenda!Ollie and Ginger Boy are waiting to take a walk with Mrs J and the pups.Classic comfort food here at chez jeffreyw.  Ham steak, beans, and fried potatoes.We are getting some nice volunteers from the seeds Mrs J sweeps off the stump every morning.  We’ll leave them alone because the birds will hit them for food through the cold months ahead.The heat wave broke, finally, so we did some baking.  This banana bread from a King Arthur whole wheat recipe turned out well.  We used pecans in ours.Pineapple upside down cake is a big favorite.