Sammich Pr0n

This is a burger made with the very lean grass fed beef.  It was made edible by running a bit of frozen trimmings from a rib eye steak through a processor until it was of a size to mix in with the lean meat.  Made a huge improvement.  I did a burger with grated onion and olive oil mixed in a while back.  That worked, too, but not as well as the real thing.

The fries were done in the new air fryer/toaster oven, about 14-15 minutes at 375.  I set it for 400 and set the timer for 16 minutes and kept watch.  They were going to finish ahead of my burgers so the temp was lowered a bit.  The basket that came with the device for air frying is a little clumsy for transferring the fries directly to a plate but it is manageable.


2 thoughts on “Sammich Pr0n

  1. Can I make a suggestion for something to try? Since I was a kid, we’ve used a slice of bread soaked in milk added and mixed well into a pound of lean ground beef. Makes the best burgers. Good for ground turkey, too.

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