Tacos are always good eats.  The corn tortillas were old and kind of dry but worked well enough.  I’m shooting with a different camera, a little Sony point and shoot that has wifi for transferring images.  It was bought for Mrs J before she had a smart phone.  I found out Sony came out with a new android app for that that works much better than the old one that I had fussed with before.

Still learning the camera.  I have to rely on the auto focus because my lens transplant is not working as well as I had hoped for, although I learned just this afternoon that the camera has a wide range of diopter adjustment in the little pop up electronic viewfinder. I may fiddle with that going forward.  There are a ton of adjustments and modes for each function setting.  Youtube has been very handy for tutorials.  Sony has built in a pretty good quick hint button that I am hitting pretty often.