Sammich Pr0n

Should be crinkle fry pr0n, I suppose.  The air fryer did a good job.  I paid attention to the time and temps – 375 for 15 minutes.  I let the toaster oven/air fryer preheat before sliding the basket in.
The burger is made with ground steaks and roasts from that bulk buy of grass fed steer with added fat cut from some ribeye steaks from Kroger. I tried for an 80/20 mix and probably came close. I need to go with thinner patties dropped onto a hot pan to get them browned better. There was a dive bar in my hometown that made the best burgers in the county. Their patties were very thin and they cooked them hot so the brown crust covered all of both sides.
The bar was bought by a competition BBQ guy and they changed the menu over to reflect that and moved it several notches upscale but you can still get that burger.