It’s Snowing….

….and snowing…and snowing…

We’ve got about 14 inches with a few more to go. Poor ducks.

The garden party has been canceled.  It’s up to Bixby’s chest. He’s loving it.

I’m not sure, but I think Google Home is going to go to HR about me.

Me: When’s the snow going to stop? (desperation in my voice)

GH John Legend voice: According to the NWS, snow showers will end by 4 pm

Me: (excited and grateful) Thanks, babe!

GH John Legend voice: Anytime. And you can call me google assistant.


Back to shoveling.


One thought on “It’s Snowing….

  1. LOL! Slap-back from Google Home…yikes! But to be fair, John Legend IS a happily married man.

    (you should at least crosspost to BJ – gotta share with the jackals!)

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