Chicken Two Ways

Here’s that chicken we roasted the other day.  I brushed bbq sauce on the leg quarters.  Not the best perspective on that chicken leg in the photo.  The fries are from frozen, cooked in the air fryer.  When we go to Kroger we often buy a fried chicken.  Their chicken is better than KFC.  Those fries were hand cut and then “twice fried”.  First soak the cut potatoes in cold water to rinse off some of the surface starch, then dry them with a kitchen towel and fry them for a couple minutes in ~320° oil and drain.  It’s cold out so I put the tray of the par fried veggies on the patio table to chill.  That’s an important step – I’ve put them in the freezer in the summer.  Give them their second fry at 350° until they turn the color you want, drain and season.  I’m fond of the creole seasoning sold under the Tony Chachere label.  It’s mostly salt, with added spices.