Soup ‘n Sammy v. Sammich ‘n Sides

Homemade bread and homemade tomato soup.  The deli sliced meat looks like ham but I’m confident it is turkey.  I occasionally buy those deli sliced meats in the nice plastic tubs just for the tubs.  I imagine myself getting an award for conspicuous thrift.Crockpot Italian beef on a homemade bun, with that nice summer slaw that we are not worn out on, so far.  The potato salad is mostly homemade, I ‘spect there is still the odd morsel of Kroger made salad but I’ve been adding potatoes, mayo, mustard, eggs, and relish to keep it topped off.  I’m claiming the beans as homemade although every bean in there came out of a can.  Hey, I did stuff to it!