This chicken dish came out of a bag, a frozen entree of spicy glazed chicken cubes.  The green beans and the rice are mine.  It was very good.  Quick and easy – the chicken part took ten minutes in a skillet, tops.  Dump, stir, and cover.It’s been unnaturally warm for the end of December and the honey bees are coming out of their hive, hungry.  I put a generous dollop of grape jelly amidst the seed on the stump and they swarmed it.I made this yesterday, butter beans with onions and a big chunk of ham hock.  I boiled a kettle full of water to pour over the dry beans, and another after a bit because they were swelling up and needed it to stay covered.  I had the onion and the hock simmering all the while.  When the beans had plumped up I added them to the pot with the pork and simmered it all together for a couple of more hours.  It was very good with cornbread.This was some of the Xmas dinner we enjoyed at the Chinese place.  We went early to beat the crowd, we were there at 11am when they opened.  The place filled up while we ate.  There were at least five different shrimp offerings and I tried each of them, along with a chunk of fish, stuffed crab, and a helping of that fake crab stuff.A loaded bowl of chorizo chili.  It’s garnished with pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, minced onions, green peppers, and cheddar.We had tacos again because we had the basic fixings leftover from the other day.