Bixby, Ducks, and A Few Updates

We had a very windy week. Like batten down the hatches and tie down the ducks week. Somehow a basketball ended up in our yard. While all the neighbor kids know to come ring the doorbell if their ball goes in my backyard, this one could have come from anywhere. So I let Bixby keep it. He’ll puncture it in no time and then it will become a tug toy for Scout and him.

Everything becomes a tug toy for them. Tree branch falls? Excellent, let’s strip down to a single stick and PLAY TUG! with it. Soccer ball? Let’s deflate it and then PLAY TUG! with it. Piece of trash in the yard? PLAY TUG! This is why I buy inexpensive bath towels, tie a knot in the middle and toss them in the yard and in their indoor toy box. Instant cheap and easy to replace tug toy.

I’m watching a cooking show as I write this. I so rarely have time to watch any lately. He’s making beignets, and if I actually deep-fried anything, they look sooo easy to make.

I digress. I have some updates.

First, I’m putting together the next cookbook – Winter into Spring – which should be ready to go for March and full of menus to get you through the long days of waiting until fresh veggies are ready again.

Next up. My second novel (Underway) is heading to the editor so it should be available soon. Really. Honestly. Soon. So stop asking me! I wrote as fast as I could. LOL

Speaking of my editor. She and I are collaborating on a new Cozy Mystery series. It will focus on the town of Duxbridge, MA , filled with an eclectic mix of busybodies.  One of which is a cookbook writer who solves mysteries. Those books will include menus and recipes from this site! Another character is an extreme knitter who solves even more mysteries and those books will include knitting patterns.  We are very excited to be writing these tasty trifles. More as we have a publishing timetable.

Even with all this, I manage to keep my ducks in a row. 😉

So stay tuned. I’ll start posting menu excerpts from the new cookbook soon.

Until then…

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    • I will have to ask her (as in my writing partner, who is the one creating the patterns and knitting character). She used to edit a well-known knitting magazine, and now she just creates patterns for them, so probably.


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