Gadget Post – French Press

We like our coffee so this was a natural for us.  I’ve been passing on them for ages because they seemed too fussy and inconvenient.  They do make good coffee.  This one is a Mueller.  It is well built and should last a good while.  We are still experimenting with timing and the coffee/water ratio but we’re closing in on what we like.  Still, it is fussy and inconvenient.  The grounds are kept out of the coffee pour but it delivers a good load of silt.  I have another style of coffee maker coming, one that you pour the water over the grounds in a filter.  We’ll see if that works better for us.

4 thoughts on “Gadget Post – French Press

  1. I agree it is fussy. You can pour the coffee through a filter into a cup to remove the sludge. Which makes it even fussier. LOL I use it for brewing my roasted Cacao ( beverage. It’s the only thing that works with that. Otherwise, my press stays in the cupboard. Besides my coffee maker, I have a Nespresso I picked up when I got back from Paris – because we had on in our room and loved it. (I think I posted about it somewhere here, if not I should) I highly recommend because it’s not instant coffee like in the Kueregs. It’s a long, pressurized brew. Nice froth.

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    • Hey Bruce – Yeah, 4 mins is the consensus among the various makers and how-to-do coffee sites, and that’s where we’re at. All of our fine tuning is at the coffee/water ratio. Right now we’re at the 3 scoops beans/liter but I imagine we’ll go stronger. Of course, the different blends of beans and various roasts has nearly as much to do with the question. I may get out the coffee roaster and buy a big bag a green beans and have at it.


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