Cord Cutting

I said goodbye to my Dish satellite subscription, finally.  We’ve had adequate broadband speeds for a while now and have been streaming through Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and a brand new Youtube TV subscription.  All the movie channels we were paying for through Dish we can get somewhere else.  The local news and weather is available with Youtube TV, plus all the other minor networks.  Mrs J can still get her OWN network fix in.  One of the best selling points for these subscriptions is that you can drop them anytime.  Don’t want HBO full time but there is a series you would like to catch coming up?  Sign up, watch it, then dump it when it’s done.  Those bingeable series you can maybe squeeze in during a free trial week.

Naturally, once I sent all the Dish gear back, my ISP  (Frontier) announced bankruptcy.  I have hopes that they will work through it without our losing our broadband.  I was shook, though, so I checked out the new-ish Verizon owned service called Visible.  My interest was piqued by the offer of unlimited data for $40 a month.  I had an extra phone that works with their SIM card so I ordered a month’s service and put the SIM the phone, downloaded the app, and fired it up.  So far the data speeds (via hotspot) have been sufficient to watch any of the streams I’ve signed up for with at least DVD quality.  Fingers crossed!  They are saying the hotspot speeds will be capped at 5Mbps and they will allow only one hotspot linked device at a time but so far they haven’t stood firm on that.  Worse comes to worse we can get another Visible account

Have a nice bowl of chicken noodle soup, with an egg.

As an added bonus, here’s a woodpecker complaining that someone has stolen his feet, probably.