Childhood Memories: Charleston Chew

One of the treats of being a military brat: traveling around the country and getting to indulge in regional foods that were not available in other areas (yes, I’m that old, shut up).

Charleston Chews were a New England treat for many years. Best enjoyed frozen and broken into pieces. I was at the store the other day, and these were at the checkout stand. They went immediately into my freezer. They are as “tasty” as they were when I was a kid. Meaning, overly sweet, barely chocolate-covered nougat.  But full of memories.

Other foods only available regionally when I was a kid: Mountain Dew, marshmallow fluff, Mexican food, Greek food, corn nuts…I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch. It was fun being able to say, “what, you’ve never had that?”


4 thoughts on “Childhood Memories: Charleston Chew

  1. We had these in a vending machine at the Jr High school. I haven’t seen them in a while but I haven’t been looking. They were a favorite.


      • Our Kroger store has one candy section, usually. Of course there are the usual ad hoc holiday cardboard candy displays that are set up in the middle of whichever aisle management decides would make the most inconvenient to pass a shopping cart.


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