Chili 4 Ways

Everything depends on the basic chili.  We’re not in Texas so there are beans in this, and more beans on the side.  I’ve been thickening mine with corn flour.  It changes the taste and lightens the color despite the annatto powder.  I guess I could add more but I’m experimenting to see how the taste is affected.  So far so good!Chili dogs, loaded with cheese, onions, and fresh and pickled peppers.  I eat these with a fork and you should, too.  I call these dogs because that’s the general size and shape of the sausages I favor for these.Chili cheese fries.  I made these for a guest so I left off the peppers, not knowing how she would like them.  The diced onions are not optional.Chili cheese spaghetti.  This is without any pretensions of being Cincinnati anything despite what may have been imputed by the post title.