These are pork tenderloin cutlets that simmered for hours in a potatoes and beans mixture.  Sounds good!  The veggies were great, but the tenderloins dried out.  We choked them down, but damn.  I should have done the sous vide thing and dropped them into the veggies at the end to get a little flavor and color on ’em.  Seems I have to relearn how to cook these things every time.I did better with the last bun run.  I was going to make eight but I thought one portion was a little fat so I cut it in half.  Belatedly realized they really all wanted to be the same size so I went all the way.  Not quite slider-sized but a couple of them are close.I made a big pot of sloppy joes but only had enough buns for some of it.  The new buns will come in handy.  I also made a goodly amount of cheese sauce.  You can see some of it oozing out of the sammich, there.The stuff keeps for a good while, and it’s easy to carve out a chunk when you just need a little.Here’s a Lonesome Do Woodpecker.  He was sure there was corn there last he looked. I roasted the bird, then made gravy from the fat and gelatin.  Made a roux with flour and the fat and the stirred in the brothy bit.  Needed more volume so I added some buttermilk and that was perfect.When the the feathers on these grackles catches the light just right they really sparkle.