Never A Dull Moment: Snake Edition

I walked down the hall to find a snake staring up at me.

No. Really. A garter snake. It 9:30 at night. No idea how she got into the house.

It happened outside my office, so I had banker box lid and recycling can at the ready

She peed on me when I went to trap her. I would have picked her up and taken her outside, but I was afraid it was too cold for her already. So I trapped her until I could figure out what to do next. I thought I could let her loose in the garage – it has enough gaps she could get out when she wanted. But then I checked the temperature and it was still over fifty, and I knew if I let her loose near lilacs, she could easily get under the house. Which is exactly where she headed.

I think I’m done for the night.


One thought on “Never A Dull Moment: Snake Edition

  1. Occasionally one of my cats will carry a snake inside to play with it, and I will find the sad mummified remains on the cellar floor months later. Glad your guest had a happier ending.


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