Locked Down Cooking: Grilled Onions

With the stay-at-home orders ongoing, once work wound down, I had more time to cook some “slow foods” – foods that take a bit more time and I haven’t had time for recently.

First up, grilled onions. I got a good deal on a bag of sweet yellow onions, so my drawer is full and I decided I needed to use up some. I love grilled onions, but to do them correctly takes time. About twenty minutes or more.

I pulled out my mandoline and sliced up three onions. I added a bit of butter and olive oil (olive oil keeps butter from burning, btw) to my cast iron skillet. I turned it on medium-low. Once the butter melted, I added the onions. I tossed them in the butter, turned the heat down to low and walked away.

Walking away is key. It takes time for them to cook down and caramelize. I came back to them at about the ten-minute mark and tossed them gently. Too much stirring and you’ll break up the onions, not enough and they’ll burn, even on low.  During the cooking time, I tossed them three times.

Once they were perfectly golden with just a touch of dark brown in places, I removed them. I added half to my Spicy Potato Soup and froze the rest to use later.

That was about a week ago and I’ll probably make another batch this weekend. I LOVE grilled onions, especially on burgers.


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