Mrs J is out early making sure the birds and critters have something to eat.  We bring the feeder “houses” in evenings lest the ‘coons tear them apart overnight.
Gabe is a handsome boy.  From his favored spot on the couch he can keep an eye out for squirrels.

I’ve been watching Kenji Lopez-Alt’s cooking lessons on you tube.  He’s been doing them either from his home or his restaurant.  I’ve been eyeing a carbon steel crepe pan he has been using for various things.  I may buy a steel skillet to try.  My 10″ cast iron is light for cast iron but not nearly as light as the pan he wields with aplomb.
We bought a couple of bags of Kroger branded frozen fries because they didn’t have the Ore-Ida’s we usually get.  I left them in the air fryer for about a minute too long but they were fine.Temps got down to freezing the other night and I feared than the tender sprouts would be hurt but they did OK.  I need some more peppers to pot but the Rural King we go to has been slow getting the spring stuff in.  Truth be told, we are not venturing out often enough ourselves to keep a proper eye on their progress.The largest container has a green bell pepper.  I want to see how well it does there.