Smash Burger

There was a well known dive bar grill in the town I grew up in that had, by far, the best burgers in the county.  My business agent told me he offered to buy that griddle from the place if they ever were to upgrade and wanted to sell it.  It wasn’t a magic griddle, they just knew how to cook a burger.  So does Kenji:

I mentioned a while back that I bought a big, heavy stainless griddle to go over a couple of burners on my stove:  It turned out credible smash burgers for our dinner tonight: 
Toasted bun with mayo, pickles and onions on the bottom, twin burgers with cheese between, and mustard.

2 thoughts on “Smash Burger

    • The former dive bar went all upscale when the new owner won a big BBQ prize, Memphis in May iirc. He turned it into a pretty good restaurant that served drinks. You can still get that burger.


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