Italian Grandma Makes Chicken Roast with Potatoes

It’s a 30 minute video but the chicken part is shorter than that. She makes a salad, too. We didn’t have any lettuce so no salad for us.  Unless you are fluent in Italian Gandma, it helps to turn on the closed captioning. The ingredients are listed under the video in the comment section.  It cooks, covered, in a 375° oven for 30 minutes, then, with the temp boosted to 425° and uncovered, for another 60 minutes or until done.
I chopped the breasts into smaller pieces and added fresh oregano and Italian parsley along with some dried Mexican oregano.  Made do with the canister version of  romano cheese but it was not bad.The chicken and the veggies all got a nice crust on the bottom from the olive oil and cheese. I grated some fresh parm on mine at the table.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!